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Congratulations to Jessica Long (Harvard), Christine Lu (Princeton), Helen Dai, Aditya S. (U Penn), Christina Qiu, Peter Jin (Harvard), Iris Cai, Alice Zhou, Eva Xu (Cornell), Eric Wei (Columbia), Jerry Zhang (U Penn), Xinrui Zhang (Harvard), Mary Xia (U Penn), Sally Shi (Cornell), Bill Liu (Columbia), William Chen (Columbia), Amy Zhang (Harvard), Jeffrey Hwang (MIT), Ben Ye (Columbia) , and more.

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Due to the snow storm, classes on Dec. 17 will be cancelled. We will make up on Saturday, Jan. 14 (Jan. 14 class will be made up later), at the same time. Stay safe and thank you.

Starting Registration For
Spring Semister, 2017

1/7 thru 6/10, every Saturday except holidays

Register Early for BIG discount

For more fall program information,
please click here

Two classes for K-12:
English & Math (9:30AM-12:30AM)
Reading & Essay (12:30PM-3:00PM)
(Student may select any one or both)

One-on-One Tutoring
VIP Small Group
All levels, all subjects
Call us please for more details.

For more spring program information,
please click here

Class Location:
494 Route 10
Whippany, NJ 07981
(The Presbyterian Church of Whippany, 2nd Floor)

Register Online Now Or Call (201)-233-6285

SAT Subject Classes:
Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics
Call us please for more details.

Online English/Math classes
More than 70,000 questions for grades 5-12.
Visit www.eClass4Us.com

(Free class selection for registered students)

Principal's Greeting

Welcome you and all future students and staffs to K.E.C. Learning Center of Livingston

K.E.C. is a unique educational environment that draws its applicants from the United States and around the world. By choosing K.E.C., you are joining a diverse and talented community. At K.E.C., you will learn much from our prestigious teaching faculty and share your own ideas and experiences. Join us in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.


K.E.C. Learning Center of Livingston


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